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What are dropping odds ?

The term Dropping Odds indicates that the shares compared to their initial value Opening undergo a dramatic and steady decline in the percentage worthy of relief.

The secret is to monitor the games and play them with such characteristics of those books that have not adapted to the tendency to exploit the highest share.

In essence, the fact is that if a large number of books drastically reduced the share of opening of a particular bet to a given meeting, it is assumed that the event has a strong probability of leaving than those who were the initial forecasts, and then the books adapt markets as wrong estimate the proportion of the changed conditions, to a misinterpretation, to other variables that are beyond the control of bettors.
The real reason here no matter know, matter instead to note the fact that a team, for example, showed that in opening a share from the initial favorite, after a few hours becomes underdog with a steady decline, dropping to note here that the odds should not be confused with the natural decline of share due to a massive movement of money out of a portion of a favorite team (these volumes Betfair), why should avoid meetings where there is a team much favored and focus instead on the meetings from the outset they are balanced .

Generally consider themselves worthy of attenzionate matches that have the following values ​​dropping odds: at least 30% - 40% of the books considered have a share in sharp decline, the decline itself must be of the order of at least 8 points percentage to rise.

Dropping ODDS

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